Maison des Polders

« Located in a house of XVIIIth century, “La Maison des polders” is the place to discover the particular landscapes made by man for his exploitation.

On the ground floor, you can show different places of interest that you can visit in the area, as “Le Télégraphe de CHAPPE”, telling the story of long distance communication system, which was considered as the first modern communication system ; as “Le Marais de Sougeal”, a swamp protected as a natural reserve that you can cross by walking in summer, while it’s dry. During the winter, when the swamp is flooded, you can observe many birds especially migratory birds….

On the 1st floor, you show different panels, dealing with the tracks of the  first  human activities, the building of the dike of the Duchess Anne, the creation of the first polders …and a model of a polder, showing you the state of the polders as they are today.

On the 2nd floor, the fauna and flora of the polders, and farming are mentioned. There is as well a video of 25 minutes long about the different economical activities in the bay of the Mont Saint-Michel”