Country of Pleine-Fougères

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- The "Chappe" Telegraph

Named after his inventor, this telegraph office was built in 1799 in Saint Marcan and allowed messages to be sent from Paris to Brest within 20 minutes. The beginning of modern communication, A huge project to save the "Chappe" telegraph office, a building of national historical importance, was carried out.
It was restaured in its original state of allowing to send out signals like in the past.

Pleine-Fougères :

- The XIXth century's church houses a remarkable reclining statue. The church was built by Gerault in the middle of the 19th century, according to the 1843 plans of Victor Beziers-Lafosse.

- The Chauffaux Castle : A door and fully arched gate lead to a large pavillon... with a turret in the corner.

- The cement washtub, rue des Riaux, has been renewed.

- The Chapel of Sainte Anne, is
situated in Saint Broladre. It has been rebuilt in 1684 and offers a wonderful view on the Bay.

The Bay's balcony.
Because of its panoramic view over the bay, the garden of Roz sur Couesnon is also called the "bay's balcony". The commune, together the other communes have installed an orientation table with 8 pannels describing the history of the bay.

- The Castle of Landal :
Landal castle is situated in one of the most picturesque sites of the region.
This fortress dates back to the XIV and XV centuries. 3 of the 6 towers have survived. It is private property.
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